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Sofa Manufacturers India

Customized Sofa Manufacturers India

We are professional customized sofa manufacturers and suppliers in India. We specializes in design, manufacture and sales of all pattern sofa set in different materials. Our main sofas include Customized Sofa Set, Living Room Sofa Set, Modern Sofa Set, Luxury Sofa Set, Royal Sofa Set, Wooden Sofa Set, Designer Sofa Set, Wooden Carved Sofa Set, Fabric Sofa Set, Leather Sofa Set, Lounge Sofa Set, L-Shape Sofa Set, U-Shape Sofa Set, Sectional Sofa Set, Corner Sofa Set, Sofa Couch, 2 Seat Sofa, 3 Seat Sofa, 5 Seater Sofa, Office Sofa Set, Sofa cum Bed, Recliner Sofa, Waiting Room Sofa Set, Wedding Sofa Set, Exhibition Sofa Set etc. We provide #1 Sofa for Sale in India, Couches for Sale, Sofa Bed Sale, Sofa Set for Sale, Sofas for Sale Online with exceptional durability and comforts, we have various styles of best sofas of your choice. Find a stylish quality sofa from India's famous sofa maker right now.

If you ever plan to have guests invited to your home you better have a customized sofa to seat them all in. The custom sofa set is probably the most social piece of furniture ever and is nowadays seen in almost every home everywhere. Although best quality sofas might be a tad expensive they are almost always a great buy because the function it fills in your life will be enormous. Of course a regular sofa works just fine but a customize sofa gives you that little extra that you are looking for. So always buy new quality furniture and designer furniture directly from the house of sofa maker.

Our modern sectional sofas, corner sofas, loveseats, reclining sofas, etc will be perfect for your elegant living room. Our entrepreneur has more than fifteen years' experience in the sofa industry and is a Best customized sofa manufacturers in India - Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Hyderabad, Navi Mumbai, Allahabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and many more cities covering entire India. Our entrepreneur has professional technical personnel, abundant capital, and exquisite workmanship. Meanwhile, our entrepreneur has complete set of equipment, which needed to deliver outstanding quality performance and timely delivery. At the same time, we have a professional product development department and a quality test department which goes hand in hand and are ever ready for bulk orders.

There are so many different designs of the customized sofa that it is more or less impossible to give a general picture of what they might look like. Custom made sofa furniture is large, large enough to fit more than five people and usually has some kind of angle. If it is to fit a corner or if the sofa is more shaped like a banana is up to the designer. Our tailored sofa set for sale can come in any kind of color, pattern and design. A custom built sofa could even be shaped to resemble a space ship. Because of this wide variety it is extremely important that you look at a lot of different kinds of tailor made sofas before you make up your mind and buy one. We manufacture custom built sofa bed sale, which is also a demanding product in furniture industries

A variety of sofas are combined to create one large super sofa, or sectional sofa. Regular sofas usually does not become much larger than three seats but combined with a two seat sofa you can get up to six, seven seats. The sofas are usually joined in some kind of angle so the customized sofa will fit easier into a common living room. Custom built sofas are usually also divided into quite distinguished seats, it is so that you will experience the maximum amount of comfort.

All our products are hand made by skilled craftsmen with many years experience. With unique design and superior quality, our products enjoy much popularity among the market. In addition to our local market, our products has also been transported to different states and cities of our country such as Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttar Paradesh, Maharashtra etc, which has brought us high reputation in the market. Buy Sofa set for sale from the ergonomic furniture manufacturers in India, we are listed as top customized sofa manufacturers for best sofa brands.

Sofa for Sale India

Luxury Sofa For Sale in India

Sofaas is our family-run business and we are one of the leading manufacturers of custom made sofa set in India. Established in 2002, we have gained an enviable reputation for manufacturing and supplying customized sofas, upholstery, chairs and other furniture with guaranteed deliveries and a top quality service of which we are all very proud. We furnish Luxury Sofa for Sale in India with the same high standards of quality used throughout every sofa range and one of the best fabric selections available, it is easy to see why SOFAAS are the first and best choice in the sofa manufacturing industry. We have not lost sight of the individual touch that sets us apart from our competitors, the commitment and loyalty of our workforce is the cornerstone of our success. Our philosophy is simple" treat others like you would like to be treated yourself".

Everywhere in the world, where a room should exude comfort and a relaxed atmosphere, there is a sofa set. In the living room, in the airport lounge, in the coffee shop and who hasn't heard of Siegmund Freud's red sofa that was needed for psychoanalysis. For us humans, sofas are usually always associated with special experiences. There are countless varieties of sofa set for sale. Just as clothes are an inspiration for every fashion designer, sofas can be a creative challenge for a furniture designer.

Designer sofas and red designer armchairs transform a living room into a special modern living space. When moving into a modern loft of an old factory building, beautifully finished designer and luxury sofas go well. Modern sofas can also be combined well with antique furniture, creating an interesting combination of old and new and creating a cozy atmosphere. A luxury sofa for sale should be characterized by simple elegance, and unparalleled comfort.

Customer Service is our #1 priority. Sofaas manufacture a top-of-the-line product which is normally available only to designer boutiques and prestigious furniture resellers. Because Sofaas completely control the manufacturing and distribution of our product line, Sofaas is also able to offer you this 'direct from the manufacturer' pricing program. Effectively eliminating the broker, distributor, warehouses, and retailer. This means excellent quality and unheard of pricing to you. Customers are completely pleased with the purchase. Sofaas guarantee it. Each of our furniture pieces is inspected by our experienced trained specialists. Sofaas have a rigid Quality control program and multiple checkpoints at each production step. Sofaas also encourage customers to share their feelings, opinions, and suggestions after receiving our furniture.

We use a special leather for the making of luxurious and modern type sofa for sale . For fabric sofas, attention is paid to an exclusive fabric or a special color. So that the beautiful materials come into their own, they are usually made into special sofa shapes with extravagant backrests with a chaise longue or a pull-out sofa that can be converted into a sofa bed with a simple mechanism. Rococo-style sofas look particularly regal, and with a special fabric cover they become unique designer sofas. Particularly beautifully processed feet with special wood or chromed feet or with other beautiful decorations are also welcome.

A modern living room really comes into its own with a designer sofa, with which a personal ambience is conjured up in the living room. Designer sofas are available from specialist retailers, as the sofas are not exactly cheap in terms of design and materials. With a little luck, a bargain for a sofa can be bought on the Internet. So it is advisable to purchase customized sofa set directly from the house of manufacturers or sofa makers.

We hope we can use our outstanding design, exquisite outstanding workmanship, high quality materials and abundant manufacturing ability to cooperate with you. Welcome your calls and mails for more information about our products and strength. As an established entrepreneur with more than a decades of experience, we are able to cater consistently to our customers' needs. We endeavour to produce excellent quality customized sofa with short lead times and provide great customer service levels that you would expect from Sofaas.

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Furnish your home, Furnish your life with our Luxury and Designer Customized Sofas which comes with Best Quality and Durability

Pan India Delivery

Order Your Modern and Designer Sofa from any part of India, We provide / assist transportation facility on your request

5 Years Warranty

As a manufacturer and supplier of Sofa in India, we provide a 5 years warranty on our product to our customers *refer our terms

Value For Money

Shop the luxury furniture you need, Crafted by highly specialized workers at a manufacturers price eliminating the broker and retailer

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India's Best Sofa Maker

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Give your room a new lease of life with a new sofa, are you refurbishing your home? Perhaps you're looking for ways to update your living room? You've chosen the perfect wallpaper and laid your favourite flooring but where do you go to find a new sofa to complement the look you're trying to emulate? With so many sofa shops and showrooms, save yourself time and hassle by making SOFAAS you first port of call. You can be sure to find a sofa that fits your home perfectly and you'll be spoilt for choice with the huge range of patterned fabrics and leathers we can use for your custom sofa.

At SOFAAS we believe that a quality sofa should not only look great in your home, but also stand the test of time. For made to measure luxury sofas, crafted with your choice of fabric and foam density, a hand made sofa purchased from us will look and feel great. Treat your interiors and invest in your comfort today. Trudged around all the sofa showrooms and still can't find a new sofa for your home? Then you haven't visited SOFAAS. With the help of our helpful staff, we help you through the process of creating a new luxury sofa you'll love. From your initial visit, right up to the delivery of your new suite, we're there to help you every step of the way. Make the smart choice and get in touch today.

A perfect fit for your home, Made to your exact size specification, Choose from variety of exclusive fabrics and leathers, Choose a comfort softness to suit you. All our sofa ranges can be hand built to fit your home, office, wedding, exhibition etc. You'll find your perfect sofa, chair & mattress at SOFAAS.

Add a new touch of class to your home with a new sofa and call us today: +91 91307 99132 / +91 80078 67726.

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