Gallery of Different Variant Sofas

The term sofa comes from the Arabic word suffah, which translated means bench. Further names for this model are the terms couch, sofa, divan and bed bench. The word itself has only been used in German language since the 17th century. This is a piece of furniture that is not missing in any apartment. It is used for cozy get-togethers, to watch TV, to cuddle, to relax or to read. This seat is often the eye-catcher in the room where it is set up. A simple model can be redesigned again and again with little effort. With a few pretty pillows, a blanket and accessories, the sofas gets a completely new look for every taste and to match every piece of furniture. There is always space for one or more pillows on the seat. There are an indescribable number of pillows to choose from, for example decorative pillows, decorative pillows, cushions made from a wide variety of materials and in a wide variety of shapes. Pillows are cozy, cozy and soft, so they shouldn’t be missing on any model. Sofas are produced in a wide variety of styles, small or large.

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